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Thursday, January 26, 2006

palestine biggest mistake

finally hamas won and that is what i guessed would happen , fatteh is as an old shoe now , hamas will try to make palestine as an islamic country , the situation will be so bad next days , israel refused hamas and USA too, then who voted hamas will know he was mistake , hamas will not develop the palestin,s cities as people think , who vote hamas believe that hamas is fair , they dont know that it will make our life as hell , we will dont have our freedom on the street and they will try to force girls to wear veil ( new afghanistan in middle east) , then it will be big catastrophe, my part (pflp) is the 3rd now but i guess next 4 years it will be the 1st , in my village fatteh won, hamas is 2nd and my part was 3rd but there was not larg deffrence between them in my village , fatteh guessed it will has 1150 sign but it had just 650 sign , hamas has got 580 sign and my part 521 sign , but it was great for me because i guessed we will has just 450 sign ,
my father,s cousin is the has got 980 sign in my village so he did good ,

at the end we are waiting for the next days to see in which way hamas will kill us .



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