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Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday Cat Blogging



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Blogger LittleBrother said...

Well, despite the absence of party hats and streamers, it's obvious at a glance that both George and Heidi "partied hearty" over the New Year's holiday!

George is still esconced in an exhausted and most likely drunken slumber, although to his credit he's keeping his chin up!

And poor Heidi seems to have danced her very legs off! I'm sure they'll grow back as shapely and strong as ever.

BTW, I can't say whether the slightly underexposed portrait of Heidi was deliberate or accidental; it could be an artifact of indirect "bounce" lighting or a fluke of automatic exposure.

But it produced a lovely result-- a muted, twilight effect that flatters Heidi's pretty face and luminous eyes. She'll be grateful when she's sober enough to appreciate it! ;)

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