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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Blogging

George in the bread basket

the Original Sachertorte, brought back from Vienna by my parents recent visit to the city

My niece beside our Christmas tree

Holding one of her presents (from me)



Blogger LittleBrother said...

Seity is growing up fast, but is as lovely as ever!

George apparently mistook "Boxing Day" for "Basketing Day", but that basket is just his size.

I can't look at that Sachertorte without spontaneously salivating and placing my keyboard at risk-- I don't suppose the leftovers, if there are any, would hold up well in the mail, alas! ;)

Thanks for the lovely card, BTW.

I see that an English Christmas tree is much like an English garden. Coincidentally, that angel is very much like the one my sister and brother-in-law have on their tree.

Except this year my BIL bought an extra-large tree because the seller reduced the prices while Mike and my nephew Dan were scrutinizing the stock-- Mike just couldn't resist the bargain!

So on Christmas Day, the angel remained in a chair while my sister tried to figure out how to install it on a tree that literally brushed the ceiling; I doubt that they followed my suggestion to carve a hole through their bedroom floor upstairs to accomodate it!

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