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Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Private firms poised to run state schools after reform

Christian groups in talks to take over from local education authorities

Blair seems determined to have state schools run by buisness and religious groups.

Schools are a place of learning, not a way for corporations to fill their coffers or religions to recruit.

At the same time poor schools in less affluent areas will suffer greatly.

So what part of 'state' or 'school' doesn't New Labour get?

Not even Maggie Thatcher herself would dare do something so brazen.

Just more New Labour bollocks.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Bombers target journalists' hotel in Baghdad

Fate of Iraqi charter in balance

So Iraq is improving?

Stupid people are running this clusterfuck.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday Heidi and George Blogging

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

Strongest hurricane on record roars toward Mexico and US

NOAA Storm Trakcer - Hurricane Wilma

I still cannot believe there are people who deny Global Warming or try and apologise for polluters.

The 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season has had incredibly strong hurricanes, they just seem to get more vicious each season.

The season has spawned three Category 5 storms, the first time on record that three storms of that magnitude have formed in the same season. (In addition, Emily was just shy of Category 5 at its peak) Indeed, three of the six strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic formed during the 2005 season: Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.

Monday, October 17, 2005

'Flame' Plame Blame Game Judy Miller and the price of fame – her 'mea culpa' was mighty lame by Justin Raimondo

Can't say I feel sorry for Judy 'Fucking' Miller, if you whore for the war party expect consquences.

The outing of a CIA agent was a rather petty vindictive act by the Bush Junta but what do you expect from a horrible individual such as Karl Rove.

UN Official: US Troops 'Starving' Iraqi Civilians

GENEVA - A United Nations human rights investigator on Friday accused U.S. and British forces in Iraq of breaching international law by depriving civilians of food and water in besieged cities as they try to flush out militants.

Swiss Jean Ziegler, UN special rapporteur of the commission on human rights on the right to food, speaks, with regard to World Food Day on October 16, about the hunger situation in the world at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Friday, Oct. 14, 2005. (AP Photo/Keystone, Martial Trezzini)
But the U.S. military denied the charge and said that while supplies were sometimes disrupted by combat, food was never deliberately withheld.

Jean Ziegler, a former Swiss sociology professor who is U.N. special rapporteur on the right to food, said the Geneva Conventions banned military forces from using "starvation of civilians as a method of warfare".

But he said that in Falluja, Tal Afar and Samarra, Iraqi and U.S.-led forces had cut off or restricted food and water to encourage residents to flee before assaults on entrenched Sunni insurgents over the past year.

This is quite horrendous, since when did starving your opponent become acceptable?

Same with torture, it seems to me torture has become acceptable again as a method of extracting infomation, which is frankly quite apalling. Torture itself is an unrealible method, the person you are torturing will tell you what you want to hear to stop the pain, so the intel you get will be wrong.

Whatever news comes out from the Greenzone take it with a pinch of salt, its so very hard to tell whats the truth these days.

I never suppored this folly in Iraq and I still don't.

We are being led by fools, idiots and lunatics.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Heidi and George Blogging

Yes its back and hopefully here to stay :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Anti-terror laws face opposition

Blair seems determined to keep the British populace cowered in fear...

Would not suprise me if eventually if a Brit (especially a non white) who steps out of line, dares to critize the governements 'war on terra' or says something 'subversive' will probaly end up locked up indefinitely without trial.

Its complete and utter madness, we already have enough laws covering terrorism, why created new opressive laws? It goes against common sense.

My brother wrote a very good post on the anti terror debate - Government Tries to Ban Anything with the Word 'Terrorist' in it(Well not)

So why does 'New' Labour want this legislation? I think there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly 'New' Labour's DNA is woven from the blood of ex-Trots, ex-stalinists and hard-left leninist types. One suspects that they've retained their suspiscion of 'liberal' reformist ideologies and retro-fitted it to the reigning ideology. Boiling it down it means many 'New' Labour types have no natural sympathy for liberal or libertarian ideas and this means that their natural reflex is to command and control. to democraticaly centralise is the natural impulse. The recent anti-terror legislation is an example of this. This also dovetails in with 'New' Labour's and Blair's obession with controlling and massaging the message

Monday, October 03, 2005

Seity Blogging

Apologies for not posting as much lately, been busy since going back to Swansea Uni and the fact my new place has no net connection (though that is been sorted out finally). So I hope you enjoy some photos of my lovely niece Seity.