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Monday, December 15, 2003

Well Saddam Hussein has finally been captured (now all they need for a Christmas hatrick is Osama and those pesky phantom WMDs) its been all over the news, the bedraggled, rather skanky looking former vicious dictator > since America and the West did prop up Saddam during the pointless loss of life that the Iran-Iraq war was, wonder if they'll be any recites and thank you cards from Saddam for all the lovely weapons he was given. most people reckon this will not signal the end of the horrible attacks against troops and civilians, it could make it worst.

here are some more stories related to America and the west's rather dirty dealings with the former dictator (they are links from Michael Moore's official website, very interesting and worth reading! -

"U.S. Chemical and Biological Warfare-Related Dual Use Exports to Iraq and their possible impact on health consequences of the Gulf War," 1994 Report by the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.

Anthrax for Export
U.S. companies sold Iraq the ingredients for a witches brew

Made in the USA, Part III: The Dishonor Roll AmericaÂ’s corporate merchants of death in Iraq

Iraq: U.S. Military Items Exported or Transferred to Iraq in the 1980s (Letter Report, 02/07/94, GAO/NSIAD-94-98

U.S. Had Key Role in Iraq Buildup
Trade in Chemical Arms Allowed Despite Their Use on Iranians, Kurds

"Iraqgate: Saddam Hussein, U.S. policy and the prelude to the Persian Gulf War, 1980-1994

What an interesting trial it could be with Saddam letting slip all of Bush and Regan's dirty dealings with him during the 80s, question is! will they let Saddam go on the stand and repeat these facts, the capture of Saddam could be embarrassing for the Bush admin, if he reveals how deep the rabbit hole goes lol

Methinks American leaders have terribly short memories or ammenisa.

and what of 'Osama Oh I've Fogotten About Him Bin Laden?' is he either dead or alive? we would really like to know, he should be put on trial too, but oh dear the Americans have butter fingers and he slipped out through the moutains into the wild borderlands of Pakistan (who are our "friends" on the war on 'Terror' (how do you fight a word, a noun, an idea - bombs and troops can't attack a bodliess enemny, its not like the cold war where the Russians were a clear and solid target to project all our fear and paranoia eh! differnet enemies, require different tatics).

Officers Say U.S. Aided Iraq in War Despite Use of Gas

Bush and his Neocon cronies really need to be elected out of office, they are doing more harm than good.

Neocons are sick twisted former lefties, who now hate anything progressive or fair, they are really sad lonely hateful people who need to be democratically thrown outta office, to stop their posion spreading.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Well only 16 days till Christmas!!!! Woohoo, I luv Christmas, chance to be with family and friends :)

Well found this really interesting article at Consortium News which talks about how Bush and his cronies are trying to apply what they did in S America (death squads, overthrowing democractially elected leaders, supporting vicious fascist dicatorships) in Iraq, but this time they have been unsuccesful since there is no military to speak off (to keep order) and no backbone, nothing to plan on, which has made the task of running Iraq that little bit more harder, bad long term planning!

Got offered an interview from The University of Manchester for Febuary 18th - I had applied to do Persian with Islamic Studies

News doing the rounds in Britain today

Mugabe quits Commonwealth
Rugby fans gather to greet World Cup heroes
Turner prize goes to Perry - and Claire
Council funding 'undermining' local democracy
£500 charge to work in UK
Greek terror leaders convicted
Ethical consumers extend their influence
OFT in blitz on loan sharks
Making a killing in the new Iraq as cars, TVs, food and fridges flood in
BBC chiefs knew of Coke chart deal

Iraq: Quicksand & Blood