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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Guantánamo four still a threat, says US

Iran nears nuclear 'point of no return'

Oil firms fund climate change 'denial'

The Iraq Election: Another Dead End? by Dilip Hiro and Tom Engelhardt

Bloodiest day for US as violence grows

Israel disbands ultra-orthodox army units

Free trade leaves world food in grip of global giants

Criminals the lot of us ~ The invasion of Iraq was a crime of gigantic proportions, for which politicians, the media and the public share responsibility

This Pollyanna army ~ Bush will not admit that his troops are too exhausted to sustain his vengeful global missions

Examiner ad demonizes Palestinian children

The Writing on the Wall: Maha Abu Dayyeh

US soldiers raid Baghdad mosque

Editorial: Mounting War Bill

Israel refuses to rule out attack on Iran

Global warming is 'twice as bad as previously thought'

Monday, January 24, 2005

This Plastic Moment Getting out of Iraq: it's now or never by Justin Raimondo

Bomber strikes near Allawi office

Howard calls for asylum cap

Islamists halt attacks on Israel ~ Abbas seeks pledge from Sharon to win lasting ceasefire

Met chief will decide whether to free Guantánamo four

A fantasy of freedom ~ If Bush wanted to tackle tyranny, he could start with regimes under US control. But liberty clearly has limits, says Gary Younge.

The lesson is we can all be subhuman ~ Why the latest reports of prisoner abuse in Iraq shouldn't surprise us

Parents petition Israeli High Court over daughter killed by Israeli army

No rest for Nablus during Eid celebrations

Palestinian land in Jerusalem seized

Iran dismissive of US military threats

Abbas Confident of Truce as Sharon Sees Respite

Countdown to global catastrophe

Friday, January 21, 2005

W and Dostoevsky George W. Bush is a man possessed by Justin Raimondo

Fireworks in Washington, despair around the world The Bush administration is in denial about its disastrous failure in Iraq by Robin Cook

Violence will not stop poll, says UN official

Police balk at stopping Gaza terror

Saudis use hajj to call on Muslims to shun militants

What "Peace" Really Means to Israelis

Deadly car bomb hits Baghdad mosque

Palestinian forces deploy on border

Israeli troops kill Palestinian boys

Abbas: Great Expectations... but Whose?

Bush inauguration: Pomp and circumstance

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Exporting Democracy – or Terrorism? Seymour Hersh exposes the scheme to make America a terrorist state by Justin Raimondo

What Is the US Trying to Hide in Fallujah? by Dahr Jamail

Accused soldier a 'war hero', court told

26 killed in Baghdad blasts

Baptism of fire ~ The new Palestinian president is already facing pressures brought about by Israel and militant attacks, writes Ian Black

Hamas bomb greets Abbas peace drive

Abbas sacks Arafat advisers

Israeli forces raid Nablus

Attacks to cease in Israel

Arafat Standing to Mark Haj Climax

Haj Reflections: Day One

Mass hypnosis in the Middle East

Rafah crossing closure takes tragic toll

A catalogue of British abuse

Democrat attacks Rice over claims of 'mushroom cloud'

THE COMING WARS by SEYMOUR M. HERSH ~ What the Pentagon can now do in secret.

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Scapegoat Abu Ghraib – a policy, not an aberration by Justin Raimondo

The Tsunami of Iraq by Dahr Jamail

Defection of MP derails Howard's election plan ~ Opinion poll deals another blow as Tories struggle to promote £35bn initiative

Sri Lanka death toll rises sharply

Israel hints at new assassinations in Gaza

Drug turf war flares in Mexico prison

Behind Behtzi ~ Colonial attitudes linger, finding their most xenophobic expression among liberal defenders of free speech

Abbas wants resistance group co-opted

Kennedy: Iraq war is Bush's Vietnam

UK lawyer quits over terror law

Sharon Orders Military to Crush Palestinians

Editorial: Caught in the Middle

Heading for meltdown? Tories fear election rout

Israel vows total war on Gaza militants

Watchdog warns over growth in faith schools

Friday, January 14, 2005

Iraq and the El Salvador 'Option' Death squads vs. democracy by Justin Raimondo

Bush under fire over human rights

Militants defy Abbas with deadly Gaza bombing

The Election Labyrinth of East Jerusalem

Where is the bride?

Human Rights Watch World Report 2005: Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories

Several die in Gaza crossing attack

Blair sets out campaign stall ~ PM says economy is central to New Labour success

Iranian hardliners aim to ban west's advertising icons

Blair's reality gap ~ The prime minister has opened his election campaign - and underlined New Labour's problem with delivery

A global gulag to hide the war on terror's dirty secrets

Happy talk ~ Bush's inaugural address next week will be full of his administration's ideological fantasies that now substitute for reality

Blow to Abbas as five die in suicide attack

International criticism of 'stupid, insensitive' Prince grows louder

Arab Funds Pledge to Raise Over $1bn for Tsunami Relief

Palestinians to Move on Road Map: Abbas

Fears for Polls in Iraq Deepen

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Voting begins to elect Arafat's successor

Hamas hints at ceasefire as the Palestinians vote

Blair-Brown feud out of control over new claims

F*** you, says BBC as 50,000 rage at Spr*ng*r

In the forgotten ghost town, thousands still wait for aid

Bush 'the king' blows $50m on coronation ~ President's lavish inauguration is 'obscene' when US troops are dying in Iraq war, say critics

The Moral Minority and the BBC: a reality showdown close to Jerry Springer's heart

Israeli Claims of Military Withdrawal from West Bank a Fabrication

Terror suspects' trials are 'unfair' , say judges

Israel threat to Palestinian elections

Homes flooded and man swept away as 128mph winds strike

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Update on George!

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16 thomas (l) & george (r) 3 weeks 5.1.05

Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Iraq: The Devastation by Dahr Jamail and Tom Engelhardt

No Peace in Palestine by Charley Reese

2,000 Britons still missing

Abbas raises ceasefire hopes ~ Presidential favourite ends campaign on optimistic note

Africa could pay dearly for Blair-Brown rivalry

40 years on, Mississippi Burning case finally reaches trial

Bush paid TV pundit to push education plan

Spain kicks off debate on EU

Tortuous reasoning

A leader banking on the US to deliver a breakthrough ~ Support for Abu Mazen is as fickle as it is wide

This is the party of the living dead ~ Voters feel a shocking bitterness and cynicism about New Labour

German film breaks taboo on satirising Jewish community

The first fragile shoots of Arab democracy

Palestinian elections: A democratic exercise in futility

Mahmoud Abbas campaigns in Nablus

Abbas Will Ask Qorei to Stay On as Premier

Palestine: Fresh Hopes

Israel may scrap checkpoint deal

US troops face deadlier bombs in Iraq

Israeli forces kill Palestinian in Gaza

Israel faulted for not easing restrictions


Friday, January 07, 2005

Gonzales and the Torture Cult ~ His nomination represents the triumph of red-state fascism by Justin Raimondo

Tsunami death toll rises

Presidential candidate arrested near mosque

US doctors accused over Guantánamo abuse

Vera's timely reminder ~ Mike Leigh's film about a backstreet abortionist provides a much-needed antidote to 'pro-life' propaganda

The right to rule ourselves ~ For nearly a century, democracy has been denied to the Arabs by the west. There is little sign of that changing

440 Britons dead or missing in tsunami disaster, says Straw

Israel 'hopeful' for Abbas victory

US troops face worst day of 2005

Palestinian, Israeli killed in clashes

SR260 Million Donated in Telethon

Abbas Calls for Peace Talks After Poll

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ugly Truths About Guantanamo

What Kind of People Have We Become? by George Hunsinger

Ignorance and Illogic About Iraq by Darrell Dow

Meanwhile, Back in Iraq... by Jim Lobe

Leaders promise tsunami warning system

Abbas pledges to negotiate with Israel

The neocons have a hand in Aceh, too ~ US support for Indonesia's army is compromising its relief effort

Settlers' violence will be crushed, Sharon says

Mandela's eldest son dies of Aids

Donor nations must deliver on their pledges, says Annan

Touch it and die

The election buzz - Arjan El Fassed writing from Ramallah, occupied Palestine

UK public pledges soar to £100m

New Guantanamo abuse cases surface

Qatar to host UN rights centre

Saudis boost aid to wave victims

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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Gorgeous Kittens

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George's (soon to be called Pasha) mother Lara

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Indonesian Govt on the Offensive in Tsunami-Stricken Aceh

Aid flights resume as airport reopens

Tsunami appeal 'will be bigger than Live Aid'

Seven Palestinians killed in Gaza attack

Baghdad governor assassinated

Sweden's agony goes on

Howard's aid 'hypocrisy' condemned

The victims of the tsunami pay the price of war on Iraq ~ US and British aid is dwarfed by the billions both spend on slaughter

Could the tsunami disaster be a turning point for the world?

Detained Palestinians 'mistreated'

Iraqi governor killed, Green Zone hit

Modern War, Unlike Tsunami, Comes in Dribs and Drab

Tsunami aid: Who's giving what

Norway digs deepest for aid

Monday, January 03, 2005

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Me holding George

Today's Conservatives Are Fascists ~ Torture, dictatorship, phony "elections," and endless war – it's fascism with a "democratic" face by Justin Raimondo

Death toll nears 150,000

Record aid operation, but progress slow

US plans permanent Guantanamo jails

'Where is God in all this?' - the problem for religions

26 killed in Iraqi suicide blast

How Afghan heroin leaves a trail of ruined lives on its long journey to the west

Palestinian aid groups' accounts closed

Bleeding the weak ~ Without political power or tribal muscle, Iraq's Christians have become ideal victims for gangsters and extremists

Back home, the Swedish woman who ran towards the tsunami

British deaths 'likely to be 200'

Vast aid effort finally delivers help to worst-affected regions

Asia starts work to detect next tsunami

Abuse of Palestinian detainees decried

Iraqi Sunnis threaten to reject charter

NHS fear over 24-hour drink plans

Israel arrests Palestinian candidates

Elephants Pressed Into Service in Relief Effort

Sunday, January 02, 2005

George's dad Ch Mikkar Cherokee

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George's grandad Supreme UK GC Mikkar Giddy Kipper

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14 george aged 2 weeks 31.12.04

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Max and Dieter, may they both Rest In Peace

Finally decided one kitten so far

a kitten with a bent tail provisonally named George.

Very adorable Abyssinian kitten

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09 george aged 11 days eyes open 27.12.04

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12 lara's kittens aged 2 weeks 31.12.04

Rains disrupt aid efforts

Guantanamo Briton 'in handcuff torture'

Archbishop: 'It should shake our faith in God'

Jenin's guns overshadow peacemaker

Archbishop: 'It should shake our faith in God'

Can we save them? ~ More than £1bn given in race to stop millions more suffering

Quake relief effort kicks in

Revealed: who was on Blair's Chequers guest list

US considers permanent detentions

Tsunami recovery 'to take years'

British victims of Asia quake

Car bomb attack kills 19 Iraqis

Israelis launch new raid in Gaza

Tsunami aid reaches isolated Aceh

Full Extent of Indonesia Disaster Slowly Revealed

Tsunami Aid Reaches Remote Areas, Too Slow for Some

Falluja's destruction continues

Abbas Gets Hero’s Welcome in Rafah Camp

Bloodshed Greets Iraq in 2005

Pilgrim Traffic Picking Up

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Relief effort gathers pace

New year festivities toned down

Signing of Sudanese power-sharing deal boosts hope of peace in Africa

Our leaders could do with a dose of ritual humiliation

Abbas visits Rafah in poll trail

Clashes around Baghdad

US raises donation tenfold as death toll nears 150,000

Sweden in trauma as it fears death toll could reach 1,000

Scandinavia mourns quake victims

Aid Gives Tsunami Victims Ray of New Year Hope

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!

on a slighty sad note we must remeber the 150 000 who have died in the S Asian earthquake disaster.

Aid still failing to reach needies

Rising Asian Tsunami Toll Dims World's New Year