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Monday, December 08, 2003

Well only 16 days till Christmas!!!! Woohoo, I luv Christmas, chance to be with family and friends :)

Well found this really interesting article at Consortium News which talks about how Bush and his cronies are trying to apply what they did in S America (death squads, overthrowing democractially elected leaders, supporting vicious fascist dicatorships) in Iraq, but this time they have been unsuccesful since there is no military to speak off (to keep order) and no backbone, nothing to plan on, which has made the task of running Iraq that little bit more harder, bad long term planning!

Got offered an interview from The University of Manchester for Febuary 18th - I had applied to do Persian with Islamic Studies

News doing the rounds in Britain today

Mugabe quits Commonwealth
Rugby fans gather to greet World Cup heroes
Turner prize goes to Perry - and Claire
Council funding 'undermining' local democracy
£500 charge to work in UK
Greek terror leaders convicted
Ethical consumers extend their influence
OFT in blitz on loan sharks
Making a killing in the new Iraq as cars, TVs, food and fridges flood in
BBC chiefs knew of Coke chart deal

Iraq: Quicksand & Blood


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