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Friday, May 18, 2007

Gordon Brown - PM elect

Brown: A quest fulfilled
After waiting 13 years to acquire his crown, Gordon Brown is king without a contest. For more than a decade Brown endured phases of misplaced hope when he assumed that Tony Blair was about to stand aside. Even worse, there were periods when he wondered whether he would ever get the top job. Yet when the moment arrives the victory is secured in advance. At yesterday's news conference, Brown's every word and phrase were chosen to address the strange challenge of an easy victory. In his opening sentence he declared he was humbled at the level of support. He was careful not to convey delight or complacently arrogant euphoria.
Brown apparently can only deal with one problem at a time, which is fine when your in the Treasury, case you are dealing with numbers, facts and figures.

but being a PM means you have to deal with multiple events, manage government departments, charm foreign leaders

Brown is a control freak and likes to micromanage everything, and being PM will unravel this and before you know it Brown will have a complete metal breakdown.



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