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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The War That Never End Contiues

Six hurt in attack on Baghdad Green Zone
At least six people were hurt in a mortar attack on Baghdad's Green Zone today - the second attack on the high-security compound in as many days.

A US embassy official said around nine mortar rounds were believed to have exploded, but gave no further information on the casualties.
Scores killed in Iraq chlorine bomb
Iraqi police say 32 people have been killed in Iraq's Diyala by a truck bomb carrying cylinders of toxic chlorine gas.

Officials said on Wednesday that the blast occurred at about 7.45pm [1745 GMT] on Tuesday in the mainly Shia village of Abu Saydah, about 40km northeast of the predominantly Sunni town of Baquba.

Last week The Guardian had a huge photo spread in the centre of their paper and is showed the US army in this small town and they had a 3inch mortar

In a small town! not the most accurate of weapons if you don't know where and what you are firing at and are bound to cause the death of innocent civilians.

I'm no military expert, but even I can see that the US military tactics serve them well on a open plain, they can marmalise an opponent, but when it comes to small urban environments, 3inch Mortars don't really suit it.

Seems to me US military tactics are to turn an entire place into rubble, like they did with Falluja.

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