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Monday, April 26, 2004

Baghdad bomb targets US occupation convoy

Baghdad children killed in battle crossfire

some pictures from the recent Falluja bloodshed from Al Jazeera

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Occupation in Falluja

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Displaced children who have fled from the violence in Falluja and are waiting to go home

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The body of a two year old child killed in the Falluja fighting

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The dead two year old

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Red Cresent

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Mother and Child fleeing from Falluja

With images like these and the news comming out of Iraq, it makes you realise how bad the Neocond have fucked up, one mistake after another. the Neocon dream of an outpost in the middle east is going up in flames, with the recent U turn on hiring ex-baath party memebers, it makes you wonder whether they had any plan at all? or whether all they wanted to do was further their Neoimperial dream and grab as many resources as they can, Neocons don't care about the civilians and even the soldiers who are dieing in this war of nothingness, they are so divorced from reality its scary.

Israeli killed 'in Rantisi's name'

Israel is another fault of America, there blind loyalty to Sharon - that monster - is scuppering what chance there was at peace, since they view the Palestinians as sub human or something not even worth their time, the lack of neutrality on America's part is a major problem, if only they could become neutral, like Britain did after the Anglo-Irish agreement and declared they had no interests in N Ireland anymore, it would be a start.

A solution to the problems in the middle east would be for the muslims in america to form their own powerful lobbty group to compete agains the Jewish and Christian right lobbies and successfully gain influence, maybe that will help change what America does in these majority Islamic countries, it migh help if they were to support their brethern in the middle east, where they are suffering, that is the way only real change will happen

A good book I recommend is Albert Habib Hourani is
A History of the Arab Peoples
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It is a very accesible read and should help you understand the religion and history of Islam more not to mention the people's who follow it, the musilms. A book I cannot recommend enough, read it today and expand your mind!


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