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Friday, April 23, 2004

yet another death in Palestine today - Palestinians die in Israeli raids Israel are merchants of doom, will they be happy once all the Palestinians are wiped out? Sharon is a monster, fed by America, a butcher.

Al-Sadr's army beats back occupation assault The Americans cannot afford to attack or blow up Shi'a holy shrines, that is tatamount to signing a death warrent, they will lose support of moderate Shiites and probaly have more attacks against them.

Palestinian factions find new unity these targeted assassinations are counter productive, violence begats violence and now it has succeeded in uniting Palestine even more. The attacks on the PA and the Palestine infrastucture has made it so hard for this state to function, after all dead policemen in the street cannot arrest these 'terrorists'. The violence and bloodshed needs to end, Sharon needs to he hauled in front of an International court and be held accountable for his butchery.


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