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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Israel brings death to Tulkarim

Israel kills seven in Gaza invasion

It is stories like these which anger me so much, how can Palestinians fight against tanks and guns? is not equal and its cruel, shame on Israel, a big bully picking on someone weaker than themseleves, why don't they go pick a fight with someone their own age.

Israel was a mistake, it has cause far too many problems in the middle east, and made refugees of the Palestinians in their own land, such injustice.

Danish hostage found dead in Iraq can things in Iraq get any worse? It is the most biggest cock up in history, the Neocons, Blair and Bush are just making up plans as they go along, they have no clue or idea about Iraq, what a bunch of fools we have for leaders.

Saudi group claims car bomb responsibility

Stories in Britain today

Blunkett: ID cards will not be 'cock-up'

Joining the club EU enlargement

A brief history of Cyprus

Worlds collide on the web

Carnage comes to the British zone

BBC NEWS | In Depth | Israel and the Palestinians


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