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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Anti War

March on parliament to defy Stop the War ban, says Tony Benn
Tony Benn and Labour national executive member Walter Wolfgang are set to defy the law and lead a banned anti-war march down Whitehall to parliament next Monday—the day Gordon Brown has promised to deliver a statement on Britain's presence in occupied Iraq.

Benn states, "I will be marching. It is entirely up to the police and government what they do."

Comedian and campaigner Mark Thomas also pledged to defy the ban.

Musician Brian Eno warned that the government hoped the ban would keep the issue of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan "off the agenda".

He warned that legal powers would be used to sideline protests over any military adventure against Iran.
Quite amazing no?

Gordon Brown's government rushes to support the monks who were protesting in Burma but at the same time are doing their best to stifle anti war protests at home.

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