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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Jerusalem braced for gay parade clashes
Police in Jerusalem were preparing for violent protests from hardline religious groups today during a planned Gay Pride march through the streets of the city centre.

Police have faced violent skirmishes in ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods of the city since approving the march a week ago. More than 100 people have been arrested, according to police.

Yesterday, Israel's supreme court gave formal approval for the event, dismissing an appeal by rightwing groups.

Up to 5,000 marchers were expected to take part in this evening's parade, which will travel just 500 metres from the city's King David hotel to a park, where a gathering will be held. They will be guarded by more than 7,000 police.

Jerusalem's Gay Pride march is a relatively low-key affair, even by comparison with its annual equivalent in Tel Aviv, with none of the flamboyance and costumes associated with such events in Europe and the US.

Every year, the march prompts an angry reaction from Jews, Christians and Muslims and has increasingly become a point of division for conservative, religious opinion and more secular, leftwing citizens.
Quite depressing no? the only time the three main religions can agree is when it comes to attacking gays,lesbians, atheism, secularism and science.

Certainly prove that the religious conservatives are as batshit insane as each other

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