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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Gaza Strip

Hamas takes control of Gaza
Hamas fighters today basked in triumph after taking complete control in Gaza as the west scrambled for a response to the arrival of Islamist power on Israel's doorstep.

In a stark demonstration of the new facts on the ground, a masked Hamas fighter sat down at the desk of the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, and declared an end to the western-backed authority in the Gaza strip.

In an imaginary telephone call to the US, a fighter from the Islamist movement's armed wing Izz el-Deen al-Qassam joked: "Hello Condoleezza Rice. You have to deal with me now, there is no Abu Mazen anymore."
This is the logical outcome of US and Israeli policy towards Palestine, a civil war.

Its also Yasser Arafat's fault, he sat on his arse doing nothing for 26 years, just collecting the cash. He died and now Hamas and Fatah are fighting over who gets the money, it has little to do with ideology.

In the short term Hamas might offer some stability and get some basic services working, with no one else to fight.

I think all those rallying behind Abbas (the quartet) are wasting their time. Basically Fatah will run the West Bank and Hamas the Gaza Strip. The Egyptians won't stand for Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip, especially if it grows strong, they might even invade, as it might encourage their own Muslim Brotherhood and I am surprise Saudi Arabia and Israel have not sorted out the Palestinian situation themseleves, because it is in both their interests, as for those commentators who say 'oh but we must talk to the moderate', what fucking moderates? Sometimes you have to deal with people who you don't really want to deal with. Just look at N Ireland, Martin Mcguinness is now a MP and is in a government with Ian Paisley.

But thats just my view, I cannot give a satisfactory answer as I'm not there

For more in depth analysis

For a Secular, Democratic, Single State of Palestine

Hamastan, Hamastan, Hamastan...

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