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Monday, November 17, 2003

Unbelievable, what cheek Bush has comming to vist Britain! He is not welcomed, we do not want the Toxic Texan polluting our shores.

So far this 'relationship' has cause Britain much grief, its very one sided too.

Anyone can see how much a moron Bush is.

Blair is a tosser too as far as I am concered, Bush's $2 dollar ho.

This really angers me this Bush visit, its just an insult and reopeing old wounds. Its a PR disaster.

Recently reported on the Guardian website is the US has launched an attack on Iraqi Rebels.

Another story linked to the whole American visit hassle is Kennedy encourages anti-Bush protesters

Finally I had an offer from Cardiff University! for Ancient History I need BCC.

At Liverpool I applied to do Comparative American Studies BA (Hons) , Their course only requires CCC

I awaite more offers!


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