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University graduate, currently working as an Information Assistant for the NHS. Interested in politics, history, sci fi etc.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

25 Things About Me

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1. I live in Devizes, Wiltshire, UK
2. I currently live with my parents
3. I studied Ancient History at Swansea University
4. I once sung in my local church choir & sang at Salisbury Cathedral in a choir festival
5. I've performed with my local youth orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall
6. I have 2 cats, Heidi, a lilac Burmese and George a Usual Abyssiniain
7. I have a fear of spiders
8. I enjoy playing computer games
9. Ken MacLeod is my favourite sci fi author
10. I like visiting abroad
11. I like single malt whiskey
12. I like high quality wine
13. I have a wide and varied music taste
14. I enjoy opera & the ballet
15. My favourite cities are Florence, Italy & Cairo, Egypt
16. My father is a trained quantity surveyor & was employed by HOCHTIEF U.K for many years before freelancing, he has been working for 47 years
17. My mother worked as a NHS nurse before giving up work to raise me & my siblings. She is now invovled in the World Scout Movement and is a minor celeb in the Arab Scouting World
18. My sister works as a Housemistress & music teacher at Padworth College
19. My brother works as a Software Support Engineer
20. I've been working for 2 years for NHS Wiltshire as an Information Assistant
21. On September 23rd my maternal grandmother celebrates her 90th birthday
22. I have a brilliant 5 year old niece
23. I've recently joined an online dating site
24. I'm single
25. I like watching rugby & support Bath Rugby



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