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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging

Heidi sleeping

George all relaxed

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Blogger LittleBrother said...

An exceptionally fine assortment of portraits this week!

I'm a bit concerned that George evidently hasn't stirred from last week's nap. It's a little too late in the year to hibernate, and a little to early in the year to estivate.

Then again, like Heidi, George needs lots of beauty sleep! ;)

Heidi is in fine form, showing off her splendid iridescent coat and posing agreeably in full-face for a change!

Admittedly, that last shot of a gravity-defying Heidi climbing vertically up the wall is spooky.

It looks like an out-take from "Poltergeist"! I'm sure Devizes has a kindly vicar who would be happy to perform an exorcism, if warranted. ;)

9:36 PM  

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