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Saturday, March 27, 2010

BA Strikes

BA strike: airline and union swap barbs on second weekend of walkouts

British Airways claims Heathrow is only airport with major disruptions, while Unite condemns 'anti-union bullying'

A second strike by British Airways cabin crew is under way as the bitter row escalates between their union and airline management over jobs and cost-cutting.

The Unite union said early indications were that its 12,000 members involved in the dispute were strongly supporting the industrial action, mounting picket lines outside airports for the second weekend in a row.
I find it appalling that there are certain people who argue that workers should not have a right to strike.

If workers strike and it brings a company to ground, then that is their choice, they are exercising their democratic rights.

Until their is equal leverage for workers against the bosses, then the strike remains a key tool for the workers to use, they do not enjoy exclusive access to ministers or immense money and lobbying power which many of the top corporations enjoy.

You may not like it and you may get angry but they are within their rights, and its repulsive the anti union hysteria in the press and from the politicians. It is like people are shocked that there are unions and that they strike, I mean don't they read any books? or study history? or even pay attention to the workers?

As I said in an earlier post, this strike has gotten added coverage because of the chattering classes, they fly and so they get the smelling salts out and faint and whine about it.

Well worth a read:

David Osler: Unions in politics: in defence of Unite

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