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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pro Coat Hanger Brigade Murders Doctor

Late-term abortion doctor shot dead inside US church
A doctor who was one of the few in the US to continue carrying out late-term abortions was shot dead in a church today.

George Tiller, 67, who had been picketed, bombed and shot in the arms in previous incidents, was killed at his church in Kansas, according to police sources.

Tiller was a controversial man, whose clinic has been the site of protests for two decades. He was shot and wounded by a protester in 1993 and someone placed a bomb on the roof of the clinic in 1986, seriously damaging the building.

Police spokesman Gordon Bassham would not confirm the victim's identity but said a 67-year-old "high-profile individual in the community" was shot and killed. He was shot at 10am in the lobby of Reformation Lutheran church in Wichita, police and city officials said.
Remind me again whats Christian about this shooting? Obviously the shooter followers the trope 'WWJK' (Who Would Jesus Kill), he was shot just as he was about to go into church, its just sickening. The Pro Coat Hanger brigade don't care about women, or about children, they are anti sex, anti women and anti life. They are the same people who splutter when ever contraception is mentioned or access to better sex education is proposed. They fetishes the fetus and wish to condemn women to becoming, to borrow a phrase from an excellent blogger Hecate - 'Wombs without Wills'.

The pro coat hanger supporters have this messed up belief that women who have abortion do it for 'fun' and that there is an 'industry'. They fail to acknowledge what is often a difficult decision, that it should be between a women and her doctor and they have no business moralizing.

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