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Monday, November 03, 2008

The 2008 American Election

image taken from the BBC

McCain and Obama embark on last-ditch tours of swing states

John McCain will visit seven key cities today while presidential rival Barack Obama travels to three battleground states
On the last full day of campaigning, the candidates for the US presidency are making a mad dash across the country in an effort to energise their supporters and win over undecided voters.

John McCain, the Republican nominee, is visiting seven cities in seven states - including his home state of Arizona, in a reflection of his lagging position in the polls. Barack Obama's schedule is lighter only by comparison: the Democrat is visiting three tough battleground states where polls show him ahead but too close for comfort.

McCain is fighting in part for the roughly 4-9% of the electorate who polls show still have not chosen a candidate, even as the presidential campaign nears two years old.
Tomorrow the American voters go to the polls and bring this lengthy election contest to a close.

Obama is no radical and don’t expect any change foreign policy wise straight away, The nakedly aggressive policy of the Bush (Mis)administration will be replaced by the familiar velvet chain mail glove, progressives and those of the left are bound to be disappointed. But even a minor change can be good, a McCain administration would be a lot more worse, a continuation and escalation of the Bush years led by a old man who might die anytime and the possibility of that happening may led to the country being led by a raving right wing fundamentalist like Sarah Palin, which would not be a nice prospect.

At a time when apathy towards politicans, politics and elections is a common feature here,. I spend far too much of my time at an American political blog, Eschaton, and I’ve never heard so much excitement and engagements in the political process from the commentators who post there.

The legacy of the Bush Junta is awful, a bottomless pit of despair that is Iraq, misery in Afghanistan, torture and rendition, Guantanamo Bay, human rights abuses . In America itself there was the inability to rescue a fine city like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and most recently the Subprime crisis.

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