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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Creeping Fascism

Brown wins crunch vote on 42 days
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has narrowly won a House of Commons vote on extending the maximum time police can hold terror suspects to 42 days.

It appears 37 Labour MPs joined forces with Conservative and Lib Dems to vote against the proposals.

But that was not enough to defeat the plan ministers claim is needed to deal with complex terror plots.

It was passed by 315 MPs to 306 votes. It will come as a big boost to Mr Brown after his recent troubles.

But shadow home secretary David Davis says it "wasn't the argument that won the day - it was the Labour whips' office" .

He said the government had lost the argument "hands down" but had "bought the vote" - with promises to Labour backbenchers as well as the nine DUP MPs who are thought to have voted with the government.
We now have a longer detention time than Europe, Australia, New Zealand and even America.

If the government has not gone up to 28 days yet detention wise why increase it to 42? It makes no sense and using the excuse 'just in case' just doesn't cut it.

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