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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Thoughts *updated*

I really do believe that so many issues which plague the Middle East could be resolved if the Israel/Palestine question was properly sorted out.

It is a small percentage of hardliners on both sides which are holding it back, and i think that Hamas firing rockets into Israel is a major mistake on their part, because it just gives, pardon the pun, more ammo to the hardliners on the Israeli side. The hardliners in Israel are the reason Hamas is so powerful, hence why I sometimes think they want the violence to contiue on both sides to keep them in power.

The way the peace process should be handled is that it needs to be done in stages, have targets which everyone should meet

If you look at the history of the conflict between the UK and terrorists in most cases its been brought to an end by early communication by the parties who should in theory shouldn't be talking to each other

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