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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where is the free speech?

In certain places in the Arab world I can say there is no free speech and your mouth is sealed shut, if you criticize any of their leaders it is possible you will spend your life in prison if they don't execute you first.

So the Arab’s world politics are so clear without any ambiguity, to stay away from the governments, and the leaders, and keep your head down.

Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published in several European newspapers have caused outrage among some Muslims and frustrate them, many of articles were written to Attack the Muslims minds and reaffirm what they saw as the superiority of European democracy.

I didn’t believe Roger Garaudy the famous French author when he said in his book Western Terrorism (Le Terrorisme Occidental, that Europe is the biggest Hoax in all the world) its alleged democracy and becomes an enemy to it when someone speaks the truth. I was so happy when I read about Bruno Geg deputy to president of Saint Administration to north of France, who criticized Israel and wrote (writes that Israel is the only country in the world in which snipers shoot at girls leaving their school. Bruno as well makes fun of Israeli jails where torture takes a pause during Sabbath.”) But I have big shock when I read that he was expelled from his job because of this article.

So my question is - Are Europe and Arabs more similar than they would like to admit?
Handool - Bethlehem - Palestine


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