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Sunday, March 09, 2008

When the Beliefs are making the people going Crazy

Its so hard to tell you the truth ... Every one says that he is the true ..and we Don't know the reality ... last day my Israeli boss asked me to meet three Israelis people to talk over about the situation between the Israel and Palestine ..When i reached them they shake my hand softly as they never talked with any of Arabs.. Directly I knew they are right wings people (Religious people) after we drank the coffee together..The first question they asked ...what do you think about this situation?? .. I said the religions is the main problem and the main reason, your religion said that if you killed any of Arabs you would go to the paradise and same the others holy books … yours says that its your land and the Qura`an says that’s ours .

I think its so hard to change the people minds..Especially when they are believe deeply...maybe you need thousands of years to do it … but my philosophy says that who has the power who is making the problems and same the time who can solving them ..Who has the power can making the war and making the peace …that has the power can give you your rights and same the time can kill you, and your country has the full power.

They said.. how do you want Israel to keep silence against Hamas Rockets and the other terrorists people who try to kill Israeli people …I said maybe you don’t listen to the news …in 5 days Israel killed about 20 Palestinian Children in Gaza Strip and killed many women and old men and I believe that
((who sow evil just reap evil )) and your country don’t want the peace come true to this land .. do you know how many Palestinian prisoners who Israel still tortures them ??? Do you know how many people still homeless because of your country ??? Do you know how many of Disabled we have??? Do you know when we are passing your checkpoints what your soldiers doing with us .. Do you know How they treat us … Do you know how they are insulting us they are Suggesting our mothers and sisters ?? Do you know when they come to our homes after midnight what are they doing Do you know How many bullets they are shooting just to ask us to open the door as they don’t have Tongue or a polite language to ask us to do it.

(They still keeping silence) and I asked, why we don’t live together in one land .. and live as friends , you visit me and I visit you ?? you like me and I like you and all of that will not be if you Don’t Respecting me and treat me as a human, not as Animals .. Then Surely The Real Peace Will Come True …

Before I left I gave them My No Phone and I invited Them To visit My Home
They promised they will Do Someday .




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