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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Ongoing Iraq Occupation

IRAQ-SYRIA: Lack of money, visa problems prompting Iraqi refugees to return home
DAMASCUS, 22 November 2007 (IRIN) - Lack of funds and the Syrian government’s refusal to renew their visas, more than the perception of improved security in Iraq, are prompting some Iraqi refugees in Syria to return to Iraq, according to personal refugee accounts and figures from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

The Iraqi government recently announced that 46,000 refugees returned to Iraq in October, mostly from Syria, while a Syrian immigration source said that between 1 October and 19 November 60,000 people had returned to Iraq.

Some media reports and Iraqi government officials have suggested the refugees are returning because of improved security following the US military “surge” earlier this year.

However, in a report released on 22 November, the UNHCR - which interviewed 110 Iraqis in Syria this week - found that only 14 percent of respondents said they were returning to Iraq because they believed the security situation had improved, as opposed to 70 percent who cited financial and visa reasons.
Iraq sees "catastrophe" with new cholera cases
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq is facing a health "catastrophe" in the capital Baghdad, with reports of cholera rising sharply over the past weeks to more than 80 new cases, the Health Ministry said on Thursday.

Most of the new cases have been reported in the eastern part of Baghdad, especially in poor areas routinely deprived of water and other basic services, an official at the ministry said.
Doesn't that give you the warm fuzzies

these Iraqi refugees are going back to Iraq, not because it is safer but because they have no money

and they will most likely end up dead, either from cholera, bombs, death squads or disappearing into prisons.

Whats even worse is how this was all predicted before the invasion, but the war cheerleaders chose to ignore, its sickening.

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