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Monday, November 26, 2007

British Politics

Labour boss quits over donations
Labour general secretary Peter Watt has resigned following the revelation that a property developer made donations to the party via three associates.

David Abrahams, who gave almost £600,000 over four years, said Mr Watt's resignation was "sad".

Mr Watt told a meeting of officers of Labour's National Executive Committee he had known about the arrangement.

Under the law, those making donations on behalf of others must give details of who is providing the money.
Gordon Brown's administration is lurching from one crisis to another

The Tories must feel like Christmas has come early and there is little point of creating policies, because Gordon Brown is messing up so spectacularly.

Typical arrogance, the government makes a law but then they think that it doesn't apply to them. Dear Dog what a sorry state British politics in, they are all a bunch of bloody crooks.

David Abrahams gets a front row seat at Blair's leaving bash in his constituency and the party didn't even know he was a donor.

If you had a cynical view of British politics already, this will just deepen it

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