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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth

Live Earth gigs urge climate action
A series of concerts aimed at raising awareness of climate change are being held at nine venues across the world as part of the Live Earth day.

More than 100 of the biggest names in music are playing to crowds in Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hamburg, London, Johannesburg, New York, Washington DC and Rio De Janeiro.

Organisers predict that live broadcasts on cable television and the internet could reach up to two billion people.

The televised events stretch to seven continents with a band of climate scientists playing at the British Antarctic Survey Station in Antarctica.
I am in two minds about Live Earth, on the one hand I think its a great way to raise awareness for the key issue of the 21st Century yet the other half is more cynical, what good will it really do? Will the people who attend it and watch carry its message forward? The music is not bad as well. I do think doing something is better than doing nothing.

Al Gore had the election stolen from him and he may of been perfect but he would of been better than George Bush and his Junta.

It has also stimulated debates round the blogosphere, a few I link here:

Chris Dillow - The Point of Live Earth

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