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Monday, May 28, 2007

Civil Liberties 2

Ihre Papieren, Bitte!

Reid's 'stop and question' powers for police are 'UK's Guantanamo'
John Reid has provoked a civil liberties storm and a cabinet split by floating plans to give police sweeping new anti-terror powers to stop and question anyone in the street.

The Home Secretary was accused of taking a further step towards an authoritarian state as the "draconian" proposals were condemned by politicians of all parties as well as by human rights and Muslim groups.

Strengthening police powers to stop passers-by is being considered among antiterrorist measures to be announced before Mr Reid steps down on 27 June, when Tony Blair leaves office.
John Reid deserves a long holiday in Guantanamo Bay. Authoritarian wanker

This does not surprise me, he is a former Leninst and a drinking buddy of the Bosnian Serb mass-murderer Radovan Karadzic.

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