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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not Reported In The News

Lebanese hospitals have been stretched to the limit in nearly a month of Israeli bombardment.

Hezbollah's relief efforts reach thousands in Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon - While its fighters battle Israeli forces in the hills of southern Lebanon, Hezbollah's relief workers in the capital are fighting on a different front: in sweltering kitchens, on soccer fields and in makeshift clinics.

Known in the West mostly for suicide bombings and kidnappings, Hezbollah has emerged as the largest relief provider in war-ravaged Lebanon. Its efforts dwarf those of the government and international aid agencies, and they're cementing its role as Lebanon's leading social-welfare organization.

The militant group's vast social services wing is spending $500,000 a day to provide food, shelter, medicine and security in Beirut for 155,000 people displaced by the fighting with Israel, according to Hezbollah officials, who provided refugee rosters and intricate spreadsheets to document their work.
Hezbollah's softer side.

With the Israeli bombing campaign making it very difficult for aid to reach the Lebanon, Hezbollah provides much needed welfare to the inhabitants in southern Lebanon.

More funerals have been held on both sides of the border with no sign of an early halt to the violence.

Forgotten News

Gaza deaths in July highest since '04, report says

Aid blockade.

Israeli jets strike Beirut and Bekaa

Hizbollah fights Israeli push

Israel’s new Gulag

Attack outside Shia mosque kills 35

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