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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Never Give Up Your Freedoms!

But air traffic controllers and carriers had no option in many cases but to cancel flights. (Phil Coomes/BBC)

'Mass murder terror plot' uncovered

· Threat level raised to critical
· Plot 'to blow up US-bound flights'
· Claims that 10 planes targeted

A terror plot to kill thousands of people by detonating explosives on up to 10 transatlantic flights from the UK was disrupted by police and the security services overnight, it emerged today.

If successful, the alleged plot would have caused "mass murder on an unimaginable scale", Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan police deputy commissioner, said.

The alleged plan was to cause near simultaneous blasts on multiple flights - with planes travelling to the US a particular target - using explosives smuggled into passenger cabins inside hand luggage.

Mr Stephenson said 21 people were in custody today following raids overnight. He said he believed the threat had been thwarted, but US officials voiced fears that individuals linked to the plot could still be at large.
Isn't it funny that yesterday John Reid was going on about 'curbing our freedoms', plus with the introduction of new terror levels and now this?

I have a feeling this will be used as an excuse to take away more of our civil liberties.

Safe to say that The Lebanon will be consigned to the forgotten news pile that is Afghanistan, Iraq and The Gaza Strip.

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They'll never take our freedaaaarrrgh!

Terrorism: you can get it in a can.

Red alert after police 'foil air terror plot'
* 'Liquid chemical devices in passenger bags' suspected
* US flights from UK were targeted, say Washington sources
* 21 arrests: main players 'accounted for' says Reid
* MI5 raises the threat level to critical - attack imminent

US raises air security alert to red for first time

BA grounds short-haul flights from Heathrow

Security scare hits shares


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