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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Doctor Who Review

Doctor Who finale watched by 10.4m as Tennant bows out
David Tennant's final outing as Doctor Who was watched by 10.4m viewers on New Year's Day, according to early overnight figures.

At the climax of the episode, a total of 10.8m tuned in to see the Time Lord regenerate into his 11th incarnation, 27-year-old actor Matt Smith.

Tennant's final words on the show were, "I don't want to go".

Smith, meanwhile, uttered the immortal line, "legs! I've got legs!" as he made his screen debut as The Doctor.
A preview for the new series has been made available on the official Doctor Who website.

It shows Smith facing vampire-like creatures, hitting a Dalek with a mallet, and shouting what seems set to become his catchphrase: "Geronimo!"

The trailer also hints at the return of Alex Kingston as River Song - an archaeologist who had appeared to have had an intimate relationship with The Doctor.

Her character was created by Steven Moffat, who has taken over from Davies as the head writer of the sci-fi franchise.

The new series is due on BBC One in the spring.
I was a bit too emotional yesterday to write a review but here it is:

I really liked the Christmas and New Year Specials, David Tennant brought a tragic pathos to his portrayal of the Doctor. The episodes themselves had me at the edge of my seats= and I was shedding a few tears by the end of it.

I'm a little unsure about the actor who is replacing him, Matt Smith, it did look a bit like Doctor 90210 when I watched the preview trailer, what with his companion as young as him but with Moffat taking over producer duties I will give it the benefit of the doubt and half the fun of Doctor Who is exploring it with a new Doctor.

I don't think I will totally get over David Tennant, he is such a fine actor and I have a major crush on him.

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