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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

I find it depressing than the super rich have been allowed to get away with murder and things like health and education have to be sacrificed to pay for the mess they have caused with their greed.

No one ever hears government saying the super rich need to be cut, that their offshore tax havens need to be shut down and that they should be made to pay

Instead its health, education, transport which has to be cut, squeezed and bled dry, with each political party trying to prove how macho they are when it comes to these cuts. Then there are the attacks on the most vulnerable of society by politicians hoping for catchy headlines and tabloid approval.

If there is the merest whiff that the super rich might have to ya know contribute to this planet we live in, they get smelling salts and threaten to leave. David Osler put it best
The idea that the rich should hand over a higher proportion of their income than the less well off has been a mainstay of the broadly progressive outlook since Lloyd George’s people’s budget of 1909, and it is high time the principle was restored.

It is not as if the elite live on another planet. It is unacceptable for a small number of plutocrats to pay little or nothing to the public purse, while benefiting disproportionately from the things for which it pays.

Even if they do use private hospitals and independent schools, who do they think foots the bill for the tax credits that subsidise the low pay on offer to many of their employees, the roads their chauffeurs drive them along, or the streetlights outside their offices, and to give just a handful of examples?

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