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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Angry Sunday Post

Women and teenage girls urged to get morning after pill in advance for Christmas

Teenage girls and women will be able to get the morning after pill in advance over Christmas from a chain of abortion clinics.
Bpas, formerly the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, is urging them to stock up in advance because many pharmacies and GP surgeries will be closed, making it harder to get emergency contraception in time for it to be effective.

They suggest women should keep an emergency pill in their cupboard over the holiday period in case they need it.

Campaigners said it was a 'despicable ploy’ by the charity, which performs abortions under contract for the NHS, to drum up business and promotes promiscuity.

The charity is issuing free kits containing one dose of the morning after pill, condoms and information leaflets to women who want one after a face to face consultation in one of their clinics.

Girls under the age of 16 will be given the kits if the doctor believes they are capable of making decisions about their health on their own, in line with Government guidelines.
No doubt this will have the pro coat-hanger brigade frothing at the mouth

looks like I was right
John Smeaton, national director at the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, said: “It is revealing that BPAS’s Christmas pack contains 'a leaflet explaining what their options are in case the pill doesn’t work’ and 'a leaflet giving information on BPAS online sexual health services’. This proves that BPAS’s free giveaway is a thinly-disguised attempt by BPAS to drum up more abortion business in the new year.

“It is a despicable ploy which threatens unborn children, promotes promiscuity, endangers public health and insults the child-centred meaning of Christmas.

“This style of promoting the morning-after pill will have an adverse effect on many young and vulnerable women. It will encourage men to see females as sex objects, who can be exploited without responsibility for the consequences.”
Notice how they called it the 'abortion business' like somehow money is made out of it, what crock, they have this bizarre belief that women get abortion at a drop of a hat. They are anti women, they don't want women to be in control of their bodies, they don't want women to be able to make decisions for themseleves.

Well boo fucking hoo, BPAS ran over your 'Christian sensibilities', get over it. When you start falling back on the bible to defend your position, then you've lost the argument.

The patriarchy, we're drowning in it.

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