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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rugby World Cup


We won - England 14 France 9

the French should of won with the players they had alas their head coach is a total plonker. 1066 since the French last won!!!!(not being serious here, think of it as propaganda points or general giddiness at winning)

England followed tactics and was helped having experience players.

Safe to say almost the entire City of London are going to Paris next Saturday, its Paris and its Rugby, a delicious combination

The second semi final is tomorrow night

South Africa vs Argentina

now if Argentina get through then England stands a very good chance of getting the Webb Ellis Cup

but if S Africa get through then we are a bit fucked, or at least it will be quite tough and they could very well defeat us

Gonna be an explosive game thats for sure


France and England: The best of enemies

When France and England kick off at the Stade de France tonight, they will be playing out an ancient rivalry. John Walsh reminds us of the scores so far
# Battle of Crecy (1346) - English Victory
# Battle of Castillon (1453) - French victory
# Battle of Trafalgar (1805) - British victory
# King William's War (1689-1697) - a draw
# Battle of Waterloo (1815) - British victory
# Davis Cup (1933) - British victory
# Euro 2004 - French victory
# De Gaulle's 'Grand Non' (1967) - French victory
# Rugby World Cup England v France 1991 - English victory
# 2012 Olympics (2005) - British victory
Thats why Britain keeps her nukes, in case France try any funny business! heh Though the French without a doubt have the best national anthem.

Go England!!!!!

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