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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Blogging - Monster Cat Edition

Yours for £10,600: one very well-bred moggie
Anyone with a big house, a big bank balance and a big Josephine Baker fantasy can now buy a big cat. The Ashera cat stands 4ft tall on its hind legs, weighs up to 14kg and looks like a small leopard. It can even be walked on a lead, just as the 1920s vaudeville star did with her pet leopard. According to Lifestyle Pets, a company based in Delaware, which breeds these fashionable felines (from an African serval and an Asian leopard cat), it doesn't require special cat food though it will need an extra large litter tray and likes a heated bed. Oh, and it costs £10,600 and there's a nine-month waiting list. From next year, for an extra £3,000, you can buy a hypoallergenic Ashera that won't, apparently, make you sneeze.
Imagine having two of these Ashera cats rampaging round your house! Let alone the food and kitty litter bills.

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