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Monday, July 30, 2007


Iran attacks U.S. plans for Saudi arms deal
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's Foreign Ministry accused the United States on Monday of seeking to create fear and divisions in the Middle East after reports Washington was readying major arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.

A U.S. defence official said in Washington on Saturday the package could be worth some $20 billion over the next 10 years.

Washington is striving to assure its Gulf allies concerned by the growing strength of Shi'ite Muslim Iran and the war in Iraq that it is committed to the region and will stand by them, with arms sales being part of that process, U.S. officials say.

Iranian Defence Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said the United States was trying to "create a fake arms race in order to make their big arms companies survive", the official IRNA news agency reported.
Fablous, an arms race in the Middle East, just what the area needs.

Curious state of affairs though considering that Saudi Arabia are believed to be funding the Sunni insurgents in Iraq to combat the rising power of the Shiites there, yet the US is giving them a $20 billion arms deal to a country run by the biggest bunch of crooks in the Middle East, a country which treats it women like shit, a batshit insane religious police and really awful human rights abuses.

This just goes to show what bullshit it is when the Bush Junta and their Neocon fuckheads are when they go on about 'democracy on the march', they don't care about the ordinary people of the Middle East, they are quiet happy to call Arab countries which serve their purpose 'moderate' like Saudi Arabia and Egypt but god forbid you step out of line, your branded a 'rogue nation'.

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