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Friday, June 23, 2006

Tony Blair is Batshit Insane

Blair pledges to 'reclaim' criminal justice system
Tony Blair today defied some of Britain's leading crime experts by outlining plans to "reclaim" the criminal justice system and change the mindset of an "out of touch" political and legal establishment.

The prime minister signalled moves to introduce more laws "that properly reflect reality", despite a welter of criminal justice legislation already introduced under nine years of Labour rule.

Politicians and the legal establishment were "in denial" about the changing world, which has seen crime spiral in the past 50 years, while both detection and conviction rates had dropped, he said.

The prime minister complained that previous efforts to introduce tough summary powers that had been watered down by parliament.

In a long speech outlining his philosophy on crime, Mr Blair said "unpalatable choices about liberty and security" needed to be made to "rebalance" a system in favour of the law-abiding public.

Tony Blair is bonkers I've finally decided.

Blair and his cretins believe that they can change people's behaviour via legislation

This is complete and utter bollocks, we have more than enough laws to deal with problems today, creating new laws will not make them go away.


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