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University graduate, currently working as an Information Assistant for the NHS. Interested in politics, history, sci fi etc.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Heya all,

Newbie blogger here!

Few introductions bout myself

Political Compass - Left/Libertarian (
Intrerests - current and past affairs, movies (Godfather part 2, The Wild Bunch, Once Upon a Time in the West), ballet, opera, music, tv (Buffy, Angel, M*A*S*H, West Wing, Sex and the City, Sopranos), reading, consoles, meeting new people etc.
Biography - Currently an A Level student, studying History 20th Century, Religious Stuides and Government and Politics. Also applying for Universities at the moment.
Family - mum's - Angela (job - Housewife), Father- Alan (Quanity Suveyour), 1 sister - Ruth, 1 brother - Richard.
Pets - 1 Red Burmese cat - Dieter (did hav 2, but the blue burmses Max passes away a few weeks ago)

My stance on the war: Did not support it mainly because the intentions were less than hourable not to mention being cynical of the whole operaration. Iraq was not a major threat to the west, in fact it barely registered in people's minds, so why attack it now?

America made 2 tatical mistakes in Iraq - 1) they disbanded the army, which is a real bad thing to do since you don't want unpaid, hungry, well armed men running amok and 2) Destroying whatever little infrastucture Iraq had left (even the Romans did not destroy they conqured terroity infrastrutre - these 2 mistakes have made Iraq a quagmire.

well thats just a shot introduction, will hope to post more.


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